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Noname RCD880PRO 2.0 Carplay Car Radio 8 inch Full Touch Screen MIB Android Auto Player for VW Golf 5 6 CC Passat B5 B6 Jetta 5

Noname RCD880PRO 2.0 Carplay Car Radio 8 inch Full Touch Screen MIB Android Auto Player for VW Golf 5 6 CC Passat B5 B6 Jetta 5

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Product Features:
- Support All PQ 35/46 Cars (can't use for MQB Cars )
- AM 530-1600 KHz; FM 87.5-108 MHz (NO RDS)
- No need to code.
- Supports Bluetooth, USB, TF Card
- Built-in MIC
- No CD support, video playback not supported
- Support Android Auto, CarPlay and MirrorLink
- Support Dynaudio and Fender Sound System
-Only support CVBS format Rearview camera.
- Support Rear USB port. (Two USB ports cannot be used simultaneously)

Depending on the car model year, older cars before 2009 years install the MIB radios may require accessories.
It is recommended to contact our customer service for confirmation before purchasing.
Part number: 6RD035187B
Due to different factory dates, the software and hardware numbers of the radio may be different, but it does not affect the functional use of the product. Thank you for your understanding

Android Auto function :

Navigation or Maps, Calls ,Text messages, Music ...
Designed to replace car manufacturers' native in-car systems to execute Android applications and services, and access and read Android phone content.

It support Spotify, Google Map, Waze, Audible, iHeartRadio, Pocket Casts and So on.
for iPhone only, system must be iOS 10 or higher

Bluetooth Functions:

* Bluetooth-compatible call
* Display phone book
* Bluetooth-compatible music
* Display the nearest contact
* Add the phone number of your favorite contact

* The Bluetooth function cannot be used simultaneously with the carplay. When you connect bluetooth, you connect your phone by cable, please do not use carplay, just support phone charge, radio can't support use bluetooth and carplay at the same time. When you connected bluetooth, you can use USB Memory Stick play music at the same time.

MirrorLink feature:

it is only available on a few Android phones, if you want to make sure whehther your phone is compatible, please check the MirrorLink website for a list of phones with MirrorLink enabled.

About Rear View:
The radio turns on the rear view function by default. If the buyer needs to turn off the rear view function, please note "turn off rearview camera function" on your order.

Our radio support camera requires two standards:
1. Only supports CVBS format cameras.
2. Need a delay box.
If you have a camera that meets both of these criteria, there's no problem with the camera,and eventually the camera works.

If you want to install the CANBUS dynamic camera with the radio, please make sure your car have ESP or ESC button. Otherwise the radio can't show the camera image normal, its not the radio quality problem.

About Park Pilot:
Whether the park pilot can show, it depends on whether the radar module matches the MIB radio.
The original vehicle has four or eight radars and the OPS radar module matches the radio. Then radio can display radar images.

RCD880 Pro radio antenna interface is a single hole, if your car's original antenna interface is dual control, such as the middle picture below. For ensure the normal operation of the antenna, it is recommended to purchase a dual-hole antenna.


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