2023 has passed, always give yourself a gift. Starting from professional level car radio RCD330 187B in 2024

2023 has passed, always give yourself a gift. Starting from professional level car radio RCD330 187B in 2024

Replace yourself with a new car radio in 2024
Intelligent car grade car radio, making oneself more convenient in 2024
My wife and girlfriend are sitting in the passenger seat and can directly touch the screen to operate the car's intelligent system
Connect to Carplay or Android Auto to achieve desktop direct operation
After shopping at the supermarket, there are too many things that are inconvenient. It is simple and convenient to connect your phone directly to the radio for operation
A professional level radio can better unleash the performance of the car itself
The recently popular temu platform it impossible to find radios of this level at all

1.- 6.5 inch touch screen
- Support : Android Auto + CarPlay + Mirrorlink
2. Support Bluetooth, USB, SD Card, OPS, Webcam( only AV camera), AUX(optinal)
3. Support all PQ35/46 cars.( Can't use for MQB POLO ,POLO 6C and Golf 7)
4.The buyer no need to unlock the code, nor need component protection.
5. The radio has built-in bluetooth handsfree module + integrated built-in mircophone front panel.
6. The radio plug size is same as RCD510/RCD310/RNS510
7. If you need install rearview camera, you'd better buy camera from our store, we will help you code the package before shipping.
8. AM Range: 530-1600; FM Range: 87.5-108

NOTICE:* The Bluetooth function cannot be used simultaneously with the carplay. When you connect bluetooth, you connect your phone by cable, please do not use carplay, just support phone charge, radio can't support use bluetooth and carplay at the same time. When you connected bluetooth, you can use USB Memory Stick play music at the same time.
Please confirm compatibility then purchase:

About rearview camera:
Our radio support camera requires two standards:
1. Only supports CVBS format cameras.
2. Need a delay box.
If you have a camera that meets both of these criteria, there's no problem with the camera,
and eventually the camera works. If you do not confirm whether the camera can be installed.
You can buy a complete set of cameras from us

About Park Pilot:
The radio can't support rearview camera work together with the paring radar.
When you turn off the radio rearview camera function, whether the park pilot can show, it depends on whether the radar module matches the RCD440.
the original vehicle has 4 or 8 radars and the OPS radar module matches the radio. Then the radio can display radar images.

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